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  1. Equine Directory Debut
  2. Preparing Your Horse for Disaster ~ Larkspur Fire


​​​                                                  WHAT’S GOING ON IN DOUGLAS COUNTY 

.. There have been cattle receiving pens installed at Greenland Open Space in addition to a 
brand new arena installed for riders to enjoy. 
.. The fence between the Horse Course and the arena is currently removed but is going to be 
updated and replaced soon. The Horse Course is open. 
.. The trails crews have been working hard. They have widened the trail at Greenland and 
have filled in the water run-off ditch that used to run across the west side of the trail. 
.. The mitigation work at Dawson continues. 
.. The connection trail at Iron Horse is almost complete. A new fence is being installed 
along the east railroad track and along the sand creek area. 
.. Plans are being drawn to expand the parking lots at Dawson Butte and Spruce Mountain. 
.. If you find any problems on the trails, or think any specific repair work needs to be done, 
please contact Douglas County Open Space at 303-660-7495. 


Country Roots and Cowboy Boots 

Elbert Country Fair Parade  August 2016

Elbert County Fair Parade  August 2, 2015

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                 News and Events

Here is a list of local trails in Douglas County

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                           Newly acquired Sandstone Open Space  

                           Not Open to the general public until 2019

                                      Annual Membership Ride 

October 6,  2018

This was a ride to remember!


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