Columbine Open Space
         By Cindy Adams

This wet weather is going to clear up and everyone will soon be able to start our long
summer rides. There are several long rides coming up. The Heritage Ride at Greenland (a
Colorado Horse Council sponsored ride) and the Ride to the Flat Rocks in Matheson (a non
DECHC sponsored ride) to name just a few. It is important to get your horse ready for
these rides even in this wet weather. Don’t make your first ride of the year a large group
ride! Start out easy if you haven’t been on your horse for a while. Go with one or two of
your riding friends and let your horse get reintroduced to the sights and sounds of open
space and the many distractions that they have to offer. Introducing your horse to a few
hikers, bikers and dogs at a time is easier on you and your horse than starting with a
group ride of 100 other horses. Remember that trail etiquette is that everyone is supposed
to yield to horses, but we all know that is not always the way things happen.. Be courteous
and patient with the other users of the open space and most of all have safe enjoyable
rides while you get ready to join everyone on the large group rides! There are several riding
groups that also offer spook free clinics to help get your horses ready for the season. If
you can’t attend one of those try doing a little spook proofing of your own before you load
your horse for the first time of the season. Walking your horse by a bicycle, having friends
walk by them with a dog on a leash, maybe wearing a helmet or carrying a backpack or
any other common things you might see on the trail might just save you and your horse
from an unexpected problem.

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Here is a list of local trails in Douglas County

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Elbert County Fair Parade  August 2, 2015

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Emergency  Preparedness Clinic

April 22, 2017

Kirk Hall - Castle Rock, CO 

The Douglas-Elbert County Horse Council (DECHC) and the Douglas County Animal Response Team (CART) are please to present an Emergency Preparedness Clinic for your horse and your property on Saturday, April 22nd, in Kirk Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds from 9:00 AM till approximately 12:00 Noon with a Trailer Loading Clinic to follow from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
“Considerations for Preparing your Horse for a Disaster Situation”
will include:
Making Prior Arrangements
Identifying your Horse
Preparing your Faciliies
Preparing and Emergency Information Packet Preparing a Disaster Kit
Time is of the Essence
What do I need to reclaim my horse
What do I do with my other pets
How do they coax my horse in their trailer for evacuation
Douglas County Fairgrounds Kirk Hall
500 Fairgrounds Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Seating is limited so
Please RSVP to: 303-688-0553 or email 303-646-2302 or email

Country Roots and Cowboy Boots 

Elbert Country Fair Parade  August 2016

Hidden Mesa Open Space

  By Cindy Adams

With the weather finally drying out for a while, it has been a great time to get several rides in.
This featured ride was at Hidden Mesa Open Space on Hwy. 83 just north of Franktown.
The new trail, called Pleasant Pass, has been completed! It is no longer necessary to ride
up the steep, rocky trail to the top part of the loop. Instead try the new trail that takes off to
the north ( or right) at the bottom of the rocky incline where there is a fork there and the
new trail marker. Pleasant Pass winds through scrub oak in a gentle incline that connects

to the top of the ridge trail at the west end of the bluff.
You can ride the entire circle at the top of the bluff then return down the new trail again. Of

course the rocky steep trail is still there and you are welcome to ride it up of down if you
wish. There have been sightings of rattle snakes along this trail so just be aware and keep
an ear open for any tell tail rattling. We had no snake encounters on the two rides we took
at this open space.
Although there were several bicycles that passed us, they well observed the trail etiquette
and yielded to the horses.
The trail leaves lots of options for taking a ride as long or as short as you wish since it connects
with the Cherry Creek Trail.
So for a close in, quick access, easy ride try out the new Pleasant Pass trail at Hidden Mesa
Open Space..