Emergency Evacuations​  (Wild Fires, Flash Floods, etc.)

            Elbert County Fairgrounds in Kiowa

         Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock

         Iron Horse Stables south of Castle Rock

Duties include manning the intake/check-out booth, placing animals in stalls, checking water ( most animals owners will feed, clean, and tend to welfare)

Exhibit Booths

      Rocky Mountain Horse Expo-(March)

        National Western Stock Show Complex, Denver

        Douglas County Fair (August) - Douglas County Fairgrounds,

        Castle Rock

Duties include manning a booth, usually 4-hour shifts, provide information on DECHC activities, evacuation assistance information, handing out the DECHC Directory of Resources, and accepting New Memberships.


         Elbert County Fair Parade

        Douglas County Fair Parade

        Parker Christmas Carriage Parade

Duties include assembly of parade float/wagon and/or riding in the parade.  Out Walkers

        Open Space Trail Course Maintenance 

Join Us at an Event or Clinic

As a horse owner in Douglas and Elbert County, we are asking for your support and, equally important, your input for this organization.  Members may attend general membership, will receive a quarterly newsletter, and can attend educational programs.  

Membership in the Douglas Elbert County Horse Council will give horse owners a say in the process which affects how they use and enjoy their horses. In addition to disaster rescue, the Council will work in conjunction with the counties to preserve open space and protect horse owner rights.

Last up-dated  June 3 ,  2021


Douglas County Trail Maintenance

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