Our Purpose

About Douglas-Elbert County Horse Council

During the Hayman fire of 2002, hundreds of horses were evacuated.  The horse community of both Douglas and Elbert Counties responded to the need for volunteers and supplies to assist in the massive effort of transporting and the care and feeding of the displaced animals.  In the aftermath of the fire, it became evident that an organization of the various horse clubs and horse owners was needed to continue with assisting in disaster rescue, as well as, to work closely with the county governments to make sure the collective voice of the horse community was heard.  With this in mind, the Douglas-Elbert County Horse Council was formed.

The purpose of this council is:

  • To provide an association of persons having a common interest in the promotion and improvement of the horse industry in Douglas and Elbert Counties.
  • To provide disaster and emergency related horse rescue management and related education.
  • ​To educate and report to the horse community related issues regarding land use, taxes and legislation at the county level.
  • To support trail, safety, and open space development and to educate the horse community on the issues.