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​Oct, 2 2021

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2018 Emergency Preparedness Clinic



Serving Horse Owners In Douglas and Elbert County Colorado


Last up-dated  Aug 25 ,  2021

     Sandstone Open Space  2018 Annual Trail Ride

2015 Emergency Preparedness Clinic                          2015 Annual Trail Ride 

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September 6, 2021


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 News and Events Page

                                  Douglas-Elbert County Horse Council                    

                                 Accomplishments 2002-2021


  • Actual Equine Emergency Evacuations                            

Provided volunteers to Douglas County Fairgrounds during Hayman Fire June 2002.            

          Provided volunteers to Douglas County Fairgrounds during Waldo Canyon Fire    June 2012.   

    Provided volunteers to Elbert County Fairgrounds and Iron Horse Equine Center during

  Black Forest Fire.  June  2013.

    Provided evacuation support for Elbert County 10221 Fire.                

    Provided volunteers to Douglas County Fairgrounds during the Northern Colorado Floods.        

    Provided volunteers to assist evacuation during Burning Tree Fire.  


    Provided volunteers to assist evacuation during  Forest Ridge Fire. March  4, 2018

    Provided volunteers to assist evacuation during Noe Rd. Fire.  March 23, 2018      


  • Hosted Emergency Preparedness Clinics                            

Elbert County Fairgrounds.                          
    2014 Douglas County Fairgrounds plus Trailer Loading Clinic               
    2015 Elbert County Fairgrounds plus Trailer Loading Clinic  

    2016 Douglas County Fairgrounds plus Trailer Loading Clinic  

    2017 Douglas County Fairgrounds plus Trailer loading Clinic

   2018 Elbert County Fairgrounds plus Tailer loading Clinic

   2019 Douglas County Fairgrounds Plus Trailer Loading Clinic

  •   Hosted Emergency Management Barn Managers Training   

     2018, 2019       


  • Participated with County Agencies                            

 Attended training sessions with Douglas County Animal Response Team (CART)        

    Attended training for Douglas-Elbert County Emergency Operations Center            

    Worked with Douglas County Parks Dept. to improve Equestrian Parking at Trailheads        


  • Participated in Parades and County Fairs                            

Coordination and Announcing for Parker Christmas Parade 2014                

    Decorated festive carriage (and won Prizes) for Parker Christmas Parade 2001-2013        

    Entered float drawn by a tractor in Elbert County Fair Parade 2010-2018            

    Entered float drawn by a tractor in Douglas County Fair Parade 2010-2017.            


  • Sponsored Town Meetings                                

Hosted Colorado Horsemen's Town Meeting at Franktown Fire Station to provide all participants    

      of Equine Activities of changes to legislation and open space availability 2012-2019.        


  • Published and Distributed a Directory of all area providers of Equine Services.            

Published a quarterly Newsletter to DECHC members of all activities keeping our Horse Use freedoms.    

    Reprinted information from the Colorado Horse Council on State Equine Issues        


  • Provided Information Booth                                

At the annual Rocky Mountain Horse Expo                        

    At the annual Douglas County Fair                        

    At the Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation’s  (CALF)  Fall Harvest


  • Host an Annual Trail Ride                                

To promote membership and allow riding on private or normally inaccessible land.


  • Introduced Scholarship Fund in 2018

           Scholarship award to member Heike Vargas April- 2019